Team Free Will
Lol yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head! That's *exactly* what happened:P Not to say it wasn't upsetting, but it has happened before and we always manage to get by just fine. Be glad you missed it for sure, just ship what you want and don't worry about it:-) But how about that finale, huh?! Oh my good lord, I'm so anxious for next season already...

i actually didn’t see the season finale until much later (due to all the family stuffs) but I really did enjoy it. I’m not crazy with how they did Dean in this season but I chalk it up to the fact that he had the mark and he just wasn’t himself. It’s a little backwards, really, because Dean is supposed to be the ‘righteous man’ and here he is, black eyed and all. I’m really excited to see what they do with him. One thing I was a little disappointed about was that they never got into the fact that Cain was Dean and Sam’s ancestor!! Maybe they mentioned it and I missed it?? I just think they could have done something really awesome with that. But overall, i did like the finale, I can’t wait for S10 :)

I'm sorry to hear that!! I hope everything is ok! <3

Thank you!! You guys are great, you always make me feel better <3

I'm so sorry to hear that:-( That's rough. You haven't missed a ton, really. The destiel tag went through a ton of wank a little while back because of something Jensen said at at con, but it seems to be blowing over. Glad you missed that rollercoaster tbh:P Anyway, hope you feel better soon and my condolences to your family!

Thank you darlin <3 When ISN’T the destiel tag going through a ton of wank because of something that Jensen said at a con? I have no idea what happened but let me guess, he said something, people freaked out, a bunch of people tried to explain what he was saying, a bunch of other people were saying that the first group was grasping at straws, and a bunch of other people were insulted? To be honest I’m kind of glad I missed it, all that stuff makes me upset and depressed. I’ll just sit here in my corner and ship my Destiel and leave everyone else be



Okay so I keep seeing supernatural and bagels everywhere and I think it's from a fanfic but I don't know what the name is do you?

I saw that too actually and I have no idea. I haven’t been on tumblr for FOREVER, so I came back to all these references and I have no idea what it’s from haha. But if anyone can fill us in, that’d be great!

Is everything OK? You've been gone for so long!

I know i’ve kind of disappeared, I’m sorry about that. There’s been a recent death in the family and my attention has been on that along with a few other things, but I’m slowly easing myself back into the world of Tumblr. Thank you for asking <3

If you judged me by my Netflix account, you’d assume I was a homicidal nine year old.

Cas just doesn’t get it.

Dean researches nutrition.


Are you there? Are you there friends??

So I’ve finally broken down and listened to the requests of my friends and family, and I’ve made a Twitter account.

My friends and family are boring as fuck.

Would you guys spice things up a little for me maybe?? I’m looking for more people to follow and the people I know in real life just aren’t cutting it. 

You can find me @PaleyLynne! I’ll check you out if you follow me or something, I’m looking for a few new faces on my twitter feed and since we all obviously have at least ONE main interest in common, maybe we’ll have more! <3